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Oct 18

Recipe Tuesday: Toad in the Hole


It wasn’t until last week that I realised what Toad in the Hole actually was. I knew it had sausage, but it wasn’t until I was watching a children’s TV show that I found out it was sausages in a big yorkshire pudding. This recipe is pretty easy and is once more a really good …

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Oct 04

Recipe Tuesday: Beef Stew


I was so sure that I had done a post on venison stew that I held off on doing one on beef stew. However, after making the latter again on Sunday (and with leftovers set for tonight) I did another search and found that I hadn’t. I even searched for casserole and while there are …

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Sep 27

Recipe Tuesday: Bread and Butter Pudding

And finally, the dessert. I chose this because its my friend Colin’s favourite and it was also something I could prep earlier in the day and then just pop in the oven when we were tucking into the main. This recipe came from the BBC Ingredients 8 slices of large, thin white bread 50g sultanas …

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Sep 27

Recipe Tuesday: Grilled lobster with a leek and mozzarella risotto

This was the main course for Saturday’s dinner party. It was Kate’s idea to make some lobster as it is in season at the moment, so I took the challenge. Lets skip the initial cooking part (including the sticking in the fridge; strange clicking noises; into the freezer for an hour, etc, etc) and take …

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Sep 27

Recipe Tuesday: Scallops with black pudding and pancetta

Unfortunately I didn’t get to do the write up of the recipes on Saturday night, and perhaps even worse, I forgot to take any photographs of the end product. Still, it worked out well and I got some good feedback so I’ll run through the 3 menus anyway.  Ingredients (for 4) 8 king scallops a …

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Sep 24

Recipe Saturday: Friends Coming Round

We have some friends coming round for dinner tonight, so I’ve been thinking of some good recipes for the occasion. Lobster is in apparently in season so that will form the main course alongside a risotto with leak and mozzarella. For the starter, I had wanted to do langoustine but since we’re having lobster as …

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Sep 18

This Week’s To Do List – w/b 19th Sept 2011

A busy week creatively I feel but that’s exactly what they need to be to make up for the lack of productivity in the past couple of months. Here’s the run down for the week and we’ll cross check on Sunday: Complete new article for Amwriting website (going Big with this one) Review Hope Town …

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Sep 13

Recipe Tuesday: Chicken Breast Stuffed with Haggis

chicken with haggis

It was my tenth wedding anniversary recently and while we didn’t manage to get out for a nice meal, or go away anywhere or do anything which really should constitute a tenth wedding anniversary celebration (house renovation to do dontcha know?) I wanted to at least cook a nice meal for us both. I quickly …

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Mar 08

Recipe Tuesday: Pancake Tuesday

As it is Shrove/Pancake Tuesday, its time to resurrect my favourite pancake recipe. This is from The Joy of Cooking and I make these every Sunday morning. Serve with fruit of your choice (berries are good, especially blueberries), maple syrup if you like and bacon if you eat meat. Ingredients 1.5 cups of plain flour …

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Dec 07

Recipe Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie


As the snow is upon is (well, it is here) its time to look at some delicious, warming, comfort foods. This is a wonderful dish which is extremely easy to make and it excellent both on the day and reheated a day or so later. Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, finely chopped …

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