Week 4 – Behind on Updates Already

It’s interesting how, at the end of 2020, I was going gung ho in terms of updates here. I was posting most days, probably because I didn’t want to go mad at the beginning of the year in case I slipped up and found it was more of a new year type deal. I had so many ideas but tried to reign them in and pace through. Unfortunately, even going for 1 – 2 posts a week was beyond me during weeks 2 and 3.

So here we are technically in week 4, missing out the updates for weeks 2 and 3. But what’s done is done, so I’ll not dwell. Instead…. progress!

As a reminder here’s what we had down for week 2:

  • Set out the first year’s episodes
  • Write the script for Chapter 2: Play Date

So, the first part is done. It took a bit longer but I’m pretty happy with the progress. I don’t feel ready to show it all as yet but I have got a picture of the document with the teasers, first few episodes and mini-sodes planned. Also, just so it doesn’t look like a list I’ve put the spreadsheet behind it to show that there are some more details mapped out for the main episodes anyway.

In terms of writing the script for episode 2… well, that didn’t go as well as planned. That’s mostly because I hadn’t written the short story completely, which is how I plan to do this – write a short story and then convert into script format. While I do have 20 short stories in first draft stage, this wasn’t one of them so didn’t get done.

Of course, I could have used the time to either finish writing the short and converting to script, or picked another that had completed and convert but that would be far too sensible. As a result, I did neither. Not ideal since I’ve effectively had 2 weeks, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. That’ll come later in the year 🙂

I’ve learned my lesson hopefully, so the next post after this will be the week 4 plan and we’ll take it from there.