A reboot is good for the soul

I’ve had a web presence for a good many years now. Before I nuked the old site, I think I saw it was first set up in 2014 but that might have been just the date of an update or something. Point is, over the years I’ve posted a few times a year of progress against writing goals, which have never really panned out.

As I sit here on a freezing December night at the end of 2020, I thought I’d take the opportunity to cleanse this site and start afresh to chronicle the project I’m hoping to have come to some semblance of fruition in 12 months time.

After I thought I had removed the main site, and found I had removed the three I had here (different domain names of course), the panic has died down (none of the other two were worth much anyway) and I’m ready to go again.

So, the reboot begins and lets see where a fresh start takes us.