Ghost Writer

“Logan Powell is a famous author of horror fiction across various media. His short story collections have won international awards, and a trilogy of novels have been optioned as a series of films. With so many different projects running in tandem, people often wonder how he can keep up a release schedule which is the envy of his peers. In interviews, Powell always cites that the only way to produce work is to constantly write with a personal target of at least 10,000 words per day, six days a week.

But Logan Powell has a secret; the writing is not all his own.”

This is the introduction to the proposal I created for the Ghost Writer audio drama podcast. This proposal stands at 6 pages for the moment, but is expanding every day. If you take into account short summaries of the episodes then its much more than that, but that covers the “meat” of the proposal.

Ghost Writer is my current project and will take up much of 2021. I plan to write an episode a week, with a plan to do at least 26 this year if not more, then start recording and producing that first season. Currently, I am aiming to release episodes in 2022, but depending on how good things go this could be earlier.

As the focus is on a writer of horror fiction, I am planning on releasing 3 collections from that author as a pseudonym which will tie into the podcast. I’ve written 20 as full first drafts and have another 17 in various states. These are all for the podcast itself, so need to be turned into scripts (see above) and won’t all be included in the collections, though a good number will.

So that’s the plan for the year. Here, I’m aiming to post two updates a week – a plan for the week ahead and a summary of what was completed against that plan. I think this is a good way to track progress and will help making improvements going forward.