Working on a 90 day plan

Or quarterly plan or whatever, I guess the point here is that I need to have some sort of plan and stick to it so I can meet the goals for the year ahead. It will be something I can tick off as I go and show that there have been some good outcomes which all lead to the fulfilment of the project. I plan to have one tangible delivery per week, building up over the year so that when I get to a release schedule I’ll have a backlog for the inevitable times when I fall behind. The way I look at it, if I have one script completed a week for the rest of the year then I’ll have enough for two years’ (seasons, to be all media like) worth of material.

If I manage that, I’ll be in a good place. If I don’t, then hopefully there’s enough for one year and lets face it, that may be all that people may be interested in at the end.