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500 words – I could take March off

With February almost over I thought it would be a good time to post an update on progress. It will come as a great surprise to the many one or two followers of this blog, just as it has to me, that I’ve been doing a lot of writing since the last post. So much, in fact, that last night I surpassed the end of March word goal. Yep, I’m sitting at just over 45,000 words so far this year and it feels pretty good.

Yes, I’ve done more during a NaNoWriMo month but the truly exciting part of this is that I’m really enjoying writing again and with the enjoyment I’m doing more. Over the past five days I’ve written over 2000 a day (two days well over 3000) and find myself really looking forward to finding time to write each night, or at lunch or whenever I can find the time.

I’m still concerned about when it all falls off a cliff, but I’m always tinkering with the spreadsheet that keeps notes about how much I’ve written and one of the metrics I study with something akin to glee is the average words per story and how that could equate to published books at the end of this process. A snapshot of the current calculation is included because I feel like I should add some sort of graphic for each post.

More to come, where I’ll share some of the reasons why it seems to be working at the moment (and by extension where it might all go horribly wrong) and a list of some of the stories I’ve been working on.

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