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500 words – now with added graphs

Day 24 and things are still going surprisingly well. No, I’m not writing every day, but I am writing every few days and I have now surpassed the number of words I should be at by 31st Jan. With 7 days of the month to go, I’ve got plenty of time to keep going and get well ahead of target because I’m pretty sure somewhere along the way, I’ll go weeks without being able to get 500 words on a day. But thats the pessimistic outlook.

I’ve also been jumping between 9 short stories which average at around 2500 each so far. This may be the trick; not focusing on one project but leaping around when I feel the inspiration or get bored/hit a blocker on another. I’d like to get some of those onto the first draft complete stage because ultimately I want to get more of these published.

To help me on my way I’ve also taken a bit of procrastination time to create some graphs. I hope to use them to inspire me to push on, or give me a kick in the arse when I’m not hitting the targets. The picture attached shows the progress across January so far (per day) with a red line of target words per day. It looks spotty at the moment with so many days where 0 words are hit, but hopefully those gaps will get closer together (and eventually disappear) as the year progresses.

Okay, off to add some more blocks to that graph.

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