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500 words – End of month 1

As I write this the end of January is fast approaching. Today I managed to squeeze in just ovee 1500 words even though my laptop ran out of juice. Luckily my fingers aren’t too fat to type semi-sensible witterings on my phone.

Ah the wonders of Google Drive.

Anyway, 1541 words today takes me to 20107 for the month which is 4607 over where I should be working at a 500 per day average.

So as February hits I’m about 9 days ahead which is nice.

However, I know that lead can be eaten up quickly so I’ll work more this weekend to try and bank as many days as I can before unseen things (or an upcoming holiday) gobbles it up.

For the moment I’m including a screenshot of something I was working on on the phone which is about a little old lady’s trip to collect her pension, meet with her friends for tea and get some shopping. Unfortunately, something is very amiss.

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