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500 words day 7 (ahead of schedule)

As day 7 of my challenge comes to a close I can report a mixed result. For a couple of days in between posts I didn’t write a thing, notably because I couldn’t find the time and thought I should be able to catch up.

When I did find some time I switched out from the previous short (Gun on lap) and started on another short from Hope Town (a post apocalyptic tale entitled Nopetopia). That helped me get a few hundred words down but it wasnt enough to get back on track.

Next day I re-opened a random short for the podcast (current working title of Unlocked) and banged out 2697 words in a short time.

The best thing is not that I’m ahead now (currently by 2037 words and counting) but that I want to keep adding to that story and work to get it finished. It’s currently standing at 3357 words in total and I think it’ll be about 5000 when done.

If I can keep this speed up then I’ll not only be motoring on with the challenge but I’ll be able to assign one short to first draft complete which is very exciting.

This is where it all goes horribly wrong or course

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