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500 words day 11: Spreadsheet

11 days done in my (average) 500 words a day challenge and I’m still ahead. In fact, I’m about 11 days ahead of target based on a couple of 3000+ word days and some others ranging from 175 to 1486 to counter the 4 days with no words written.

And the best thing is I’m enjoying it, and often don’t want to stop. Still, I don’t want to burn out, so I’m looking to work on several different projects at the same time (at time of writing, I’ve been writing 5 different short stories).

Tracking is done via spreadsheet, and I’ve included a cut of it as the post image. It should be fairly easy to understand, but effectively it tracks the date, words written each day, cumulative total (vs cumulative target) and the names of the projects I worked on each day. Its simple but it works and it does give me a warm feeling when I get to update it every so often.

Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet?

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