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Quick catch up

As per usual, its been a while since I updated here. I’d love to be able to say its because I was too busy writing, but that hasn’t been the only distraction from the site. Which, in a round about sort of way, means that I have been doing some which is positive.

The biggest news in the interim is that Am/Dram is finally published after a couple of further drafts and tweaks. It was released on 16th November, and I’ve done little to promote it so sales are as expected. However, it was something that I knew I needed to complete so I have and that’s all good. I’ll drop more notes about my thoughts on the overall experience in a little while.

I have also been doing some writing of short stories again. These aren’t related to Hope Town, and are more straight horror in tone. There are about 4 in various stages of completion, and I have resurrected one that I wrote a very long time ago which I want to incorporate. The idea is to publish at least one anthology of shorts a year and see where that takes me.

Linking into that, I have been thinking of doing a horror related audio drama podcast. I have quite a few ideas for stories, and think I have a framing device for them all. With a few days off in the next week or so I hope to be able to get that drafted and have an outline for a series. Once I have this set out, then I need to get to the business of writing the scripts for the episodes which is going to take a bit of research to understand format/structure, duration etc.

So, lots in progress and one or two things in final draft or published state.

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