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This is possibly what my brain looks like

Yes, a cabbage with broccoli growing out of it

Walking to work today, I got to thinking. If you’ve read any of my blog in the 20 some years I’ve been writing it (with the same number of posts I would imagine) this is both usual and dangerous, so you’d think I would learn.

In any case, while I worked out some scenes from Portmanteau in my head (focusing on the story about the family of detectives who end up on their most baffling case) my mind wandered to what to do with Hope Town. Again.

I won’t recap, but for first time viewers the history is here, here, here and here; feel free to jump around to find out the past beats and then come on back for the current position. Oh wait, that’s somewhere already too.

Anyway, 4.5 shorts have been published and haven’t found an audience (100% my fault, readerships don’t appear by themselves) and while I still like the serialised format of short stories for it, I wondered today whether it would be better as a standalone novel. Or rather, 3 standalone novels; one for every year of shorts.

In theory this can work, but it won’t be simple. I can’t just throw the 4.5 shorts together with another 7-8 and call it a novel; that would be cheating and would just look like a dozen individual stories. No, I’ll need to work out a way to use the stories but as part of a larger narrative and change the timelines because each short as they stand takes place on a different month.

But I think I can do this and then be able to release it in a longer form factor and potentially get more interest in it. Plus, it means that I could look to publish in physical form at some stage.

For those who will have already read the individual shorts, I will also look to reverse engineer the remaining “Hope Town Year One” (see, it has a name already) tales and publish them individually. Unpicking should be a simpler process to sewing them all together into a coherent whole (flashes of “The Human Centipede” are now invading my poor brain).

This may be the solution to allow me to keep on with the stories in Hope Town while scratching that novel itch.

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