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The Secrecy. Its always about the Secrecy

Whenever I’m writing there is always an element of secrecy involved. This makes sense because if I want to write something that people will enjoy end to end, there is no point in giving away all of the details upfront.

What? You think people want to read my stuff for the beautiful writing? Really?

Some secrecy is good and healthy and welcome. My problem is finding a happy balance between not spoiling major plot points and keeping every single detail under wraps. In most cases, I err on the side of caution and give only the briefest information about work I’m creating but often when I read through what I’ve said again it sometimes seems too cryptic or even, in some cases, completely baffling. Am I really engaging potential readers, or pushing them away?

As I decide whether or not to continue with Hope Town as a series of short stories, I’m going to try and be a little more transparent by providing a list of all of the proposed story titles and as much of the synopsis as I have. There may be bits and pieces of plot that I don’t really intend to share because it may give too much away, but I need to get past this secret squirrel tendency and with most things, its best to pull off the plaster/Band-Aid in one.

I’m planning on having a post per year for this to break things up a little, and also to help with the number of posts I have here.

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