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Watch Me Juggle

Yesterday I did something stupid.


Hopefully it won’t end up with me quoting G.O.B. but I think part of me agrees with his often quoted mantra.

So yesterday I got to thinking about Am/Dram, the novel I wrote a few years ago as part of a successful Nanowrimo campaign and which has been sitting on various virtual storage media ever since. The novel was set around an English Amateur Dramatic Society, their discovery of a murder and subsequent investigation by one of their member who is a would-be amateur sleuth.

I think that because the Nanowrimo push was to do 50,000+ words in 30 days, I ended up padding it out with a 2nd act which didn’t feel right even from the outset. That entire section was populated with some history of the main victim of the piece and how his investigation (he was a policeman after all) lead to his murder.

Writing that out now, it doesn’t seem so bad really. But I digress.

The 3rd act has all about the amateur sleuth investigating the murder and, funnily enough, orating different scenarios whereby the murder was committed by each of his colleagues in the troupe. It was all a bit rushed, but I liked the setting and the characters (some of them) and I would like to go back and tidy it up at some point.

So, yesterday.

I was thinking about Am/Dram, and it got me excited about a murder mystery set in a small village; a Cozy Mystery to give the genre its proper title. Of course me being me, I like to put a twist on things and add in a smattering (oh, lets just tip the whole bottle in) of humour and so an idea formed.

That idea was hastily written down and fleshed out until I had the premise, a description of most of the characters and a 32 chapter breakdown. All in just a few hours.

Now its there, written down and calling to me.

I need to do this, but I also have the ongoing Hope Town short stories and I’ve outlined a long gestating children’s chapter book and they all want to be written.

So I’m going to do them all.

Watch me juggle and perhaps go insane.

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