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Needs an Ending


The keen observers will note that I haven’t updated here for a while and that is primarily because I’ve been writing and publishing. Hopefully you’ll agree that is a much better excuse for not updating the blog than my usual explanation of having writer’s block or procrastinating.

At time of writing, “Bingo Royale” has just been published on Amazon and that makes it four short stories published in four months which keeps me on my own personal schedule. However, the fifth in the series has hit a stumbling block; it needs an ending.

The fifth short is called “The Satanic Versus” (initially it was called “Frame Me Twice, Shame on You” but to be honest, that’s a bit of a rubbish title) and once again deals with the occult/Satanic themes of the first short “The Devil’s Pâtissier“. I know the major plot, characters and most of the beats but the actual ending isn’t quite there yet.

Don’t get me wrong; I do have the last piece of the short worked out (and a bit of an epilogue thrown in) but a vital piece is still missing which bridges the majority of the story with the finale. You could call it the beginning of the 3rd act, but it may be fairer to say its the answer to the question of how Pontius solves the case.

Which is pretty important.

I’m not going to hack in something to meet the deadline I’ve set (unless of course it reads that way eventually – I promise it’s not my intention, just my writing) so I’ll just hunker down and find the right solution and delay publishing until I do so.

At the moment I still have time to complete it, get it edited and out before the end of February but it’ll be tight.



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