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“Midge You Were Here” now published. Now free.


So I finally published “Midge You Were Here” via Smashwords and I’ve set it to permafree (as opposed to perfmafrost which is something entirely different but quite fascinating). Its currently in the queue to be reviewed and hopefully will be pushed out to other publishing channels.

It is also on Amazon, but despite my request to have it listed as free and even clicking the link to report it cheaper elsewhere, they don’t think it meets the criteria to be listed as free. So, if you’re wanting to read the story for free, then its probably best not to head over there for it.

Or you can, and I can earn 20p in royalties.

Anyway, “Midge You Were Here” is a shorter short story which is intended to introduce the world of Dochas and a few of the characters. The story is (hopefully) filled with humour, action, horror and even a little pathos; at least that was my intention.

If you’re interested in delving into the Hope Town, then head over to Smashwords and take a punt.

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