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How I plan to write 3 projects at once

As I mentioned in my previous post I am currently looking to work on 3 different writing projects at the same time. Those of you who will have read previous posts on this very site will realise that this isn’t going to be easy for me, especially since I’ve managed to write very sporadically throughout my life. Still, I’m writing now and self publishing so I’m fairly confident of some level of success.

You always have to have stretch goals don’t you?

The 3 projects are as follows:

  1. Hope Town Short Stories – currently there are 4 published + a shorter one that I plan to make free at some point if I can figure out how to easily do that + 3-4 others that are in various states of completion (but none complete)
  2. Children’s Chapter Book – Premise, characters and rough outline have been written down and I’ve written most of the first chapter
  3. Figure It Out – working title for the new project about amateur sleuths that I have outline, characters and chapter breakdowns for. Don’t worry, the name will change but I can’t decide on which of two to go for

First order of business is to set the priority of the projects. Since Hope Town is progressing and gave me the enhanced hunger for writing again, it gets top billing. This also helps me maintain a schedule because it is a 36 story plan spanning 3 years, so I have to keep on top of that. At some stage I may take a breather to work on the other projects a bit more, but I don’t forsee (read: hope) that happening until the first year.

Figure It Out is up next at the moment, purely because it has bitten me and is fresh and new. The Children’s Chapter book is there, but not top priority because I think my head needs to be in a different space to the other two projects before I really get stuck into that.

So, my monthly outline for this ambitious attempt is as follows:

Weeks 1-2: Hope Town short story written and over to the editors

Week 3: Work on a chapter of Figure It Out. Edit.

Week 4: Update Hope Town short story following editor feedback and publish. Work on the Children’s Chapter book.

Rinse. Repeat.

At some stage, and the hope is from the outset, I want to publish Figure it Out chapters when I’m happy with them using Wattpad or similar. Hopefully I can use this to not only improve the writing, but gauge reaction and ideally some readers who would be interested in the entire book.

The Children’s Chapter book won’t get much love in the time, but I hope to do a chapter every couple of months and I’ll test that on the toughest of audiences: my son.

Since it’s the 2nd week in February, I expect to launch into this schedule in March and keep to it until at least the summer months when holidays beckon.

No doubt my blogging here will take a hit, but for legitimate reasons of being busy. Of course, I’ll update on progress whenever I can.


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