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1 down 35 to go

The Devil’s Pâtissier” finally hit all virtual stores with the name Amazon somewhere in there on 31st October. My first published work, and people bought it. Well, 9 people bought it, but that’s a start. I’m happy that its out and that I’ve passed that milestone that I’ve had for around 30 years.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. I have just shy of 3 years worth of stories to tell, and all in that equates to 35 more tales from Hopetown hitting one a month across that time period. Its going to be incredibly difficult – and I still can’t believe I set that target – but you have to stretch yourself, you know?

Ever Vigilant(e)” is set for 30th November. It has been edited and I’ll put in the final tweaks this week and then upload the final version. For the rest of November I will work on the next two stories – although I am using Nanowrimo to attempt to write around 5 at 10,000 words each – and another piece that I alluded to in last week’s post about promotion.

Yes, I’m going to do a sampler which will be free and which will be used to try and pull in more people to follow the series as a whole. Currently I’m about half way through that particular story, tentatively entitled “Welcome to Hopetown”. It sees Detective Constable Robert Lawson arrive to start his new job as a policeman in Dòchas, and introduces everyone to a few of the more colourful characters who will feature in upcoming tales.

Its full speed ahead, and I’m loving it.

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