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The Editor’s View

So “The Devil’s Pâtissier” – the first of the Hope Town short stories – is set to be published on 31st October. You may already know this, but I like to say it every so often because I like the creeping dread type fear that builds up when I read or hear that fact.

Just kidding. The fear leaps, not creeps.

Anyway, last week I had an editor cast their eyes over it and they provided me with some really good feedback and guidance to improve things. The area which caused me most thought though, was the historical pieces which appear throughout the story, and are a feature of the series. The editor got that I was doing world building and that this would help, but they thought that perhaps the positioning pulled them out of the story at one point and was perhaps a little more detailed than was necessary given its relevance to the tale as a whole.

This really caused me to pause and think, because while I understand what they were saying, the history is an integral part to the series. Therefore, I had to find a way to keep the history in there but also not cause it to be a distraction. I think I found a way to do so, but I’ve put it to one side for a bit and then will come back afresh.

In the meantime, I’ve completed another draft of “Ever Vigilant(e)” and it is off to the editor for review and feedback. Its a longer tale and I think that is because some of the background was set up in “The Devil’s Pâtissier” and I was able to use this story to build on some aspects from fleshing out the characters or adding some new ones that will reappear. In this case we get Sujan who is head of the Scene Of Crime team and Carla who is the sarcastic chief coroner.

While I wait on the editorial feedback, I’m picking up “First Contact, Take Two” to finish off the first draft and also dipping into “Bingo Royale“, which is intended to be the fourth story in the series.

So, progress continues.


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