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What my future months look like


My intention this week was to sit down and finalise the release plan for all of the Hope Town short stories, or at the very least, the plan for the first few months. I’m glad to say that for one, I managed to achieve the goal.

Okay, so it was a five-minute scribble of a timeline when I was waiting for one of the kids to finish up with their class, but it counts dammit!

Now, for those who may not are not fluent in chicken scratch, I’ll decipher the picture above as best I can.

There are two timelines, each spanning a four-week period. The top timeline is the release schedule for each short story and works out like this:

  • Week 1              – Upload and set up pre-order on the site
  • Weeks 2 & 3     – Announce (which is really market I suppose; let people know it’s coming)
  • Week 4               – Upload final version and publish

Then that funky arrow goes back around and we start again.

The bottom is the actual writing piece and runs in parallel with the timeline above:

  • Weeks 1 & 2     – First draft
  • Week 3              – Edit/2nd draft
  • Week 4              – Add cover and make final

Now, when I say the 2 activities work in parallel, they do, but not for the same story. It would be impossible for me to write one and publish in a month, so this is the plan to allow one short story to be published and another one to be written for future publication. Therefore, you could say that the lifetime of each short story is 8 weeks, which of course would only work if I have a stock of them ready to go from day one.

Which means, I need to stop posting this and get on with writing more.

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