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Okay, so I’ve changed the story order

Way back in May, I wrote about a dilemma I was having. At the end of the post it looked as though I had come to a conclusion, but in true Inception-ending style it was open to interpretation. As such, and with a new idea for a story popping into my head – an idea so strong, and with a gag that is also a challenge to run right through, that there was no way I could say no to myself – I revisited said dilemma and came to the conclusion that I could slip this one in and push the others down a month and take out a weaker story in year 2, replacing it with something better from year 1.

Still with me? Good.

Of course, this story now is number 4 which should be due in February so now I need to get on with it. Thats what I get for thinking too much and not writing enough.

Oh, and the genre?

Secret Agents, of course.

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