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November isn’t too far away…

Other than stating the obvious, the title of this post is to remind me that I have a deadline and it is creeping ever closer.

On the one hand, this being August, I have almost 3 full months until November.

On the other hand, this being August, I have less than 3 full months until November!

I wonder if you can guess which of the statements above more accurately reflect my feelings just now?

On the positive side, I’m pretty much done with the first short story. Yes, pretty much isn’t 100% but I don’t think I will be until the day I press the publish button (note to self: need to check if there is such a thing as a publish button on the site). I’m not a perfectionist by any measure, but I want to be able to review/edit until the last-minute to make sure the story is in the very best shape it can be.

Of the other stories, they are in various stages of completion. A small number are 25% – 75% complete (approximately, of course) and some are a line or two on a spreadsheet, while the majority have at least the synopsis and the breakdown of key points and some expansion of situations/scenes/dialogue.

My plan had been to have 4 stories ready for launch, and I can still get there, but I think it’ll be more realistic to have 3 ready to go and be able to get into a rhythm from that point. Luckily I have a good chunk of holiday at the end of the year, so I’ll be able to shut myself off for a few days here and there and look to build a backlog.

I’m not where I’d like to be with almost/less than 3 months to go, but I’m not panicking.

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