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The Big Push

I’ve been away on yet another sabbatical, and as you may have guessed not much has moved in this period. No real excuse; I just haven’t written as much as I had planned, and as a result didn’t have much to update the site with. However, rather than with previous fits of non-writing, this time around I am starting to feel a little more stressed, given that I’ve set a deadline and all.

Now, I could just change the deadline but am really quite adamant I won’t for 2 main reasons:

1) October is an important month for the series, given its slightly mysterious bent and Halloween being so closely intertwined. Also, the first story from the 2nd year is all about Halloween in Hope Town, so I want to be able to hit that

2) I’m not going to put this off any longer

Time is marching on, and I feel that this whole non-published thing is like the proverbial albatross around my neck and I think the best way to remove that weight is to get something published. I hope – and believe – that when I get the first of these stories out there, and have more waiting to go, the whole thing will continue to flow and the momentum will carry me out of the self perpetuating funk.

I hope. I believe.

So, the big push starts here and that means more writing, more updates and a runaway train all the way to October and beyond.

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