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The Back Matters

Back in the past when I was looking to publish a collection of my drabble pieces, I wanted to include a little more. The idea was to provide some context around the thought process for each short; how I came up with the each idea and how it evolved into a concise 100 word story. Even though I failed spectacularly to get my finger out and publish the collection, I still have these accompanying pieces in a document in my filing.

I’ve seen this type of thing in comics for a while now, termed as backmatter; some related content included at the back of the issue which either talks about the creative process, displays artwork or has interaction with readers via a Q&A or letter column. Interestingly this seems to be more prevalent as a bonus for those investing in the monthly/weekly issue and not waiting for the inevitable trade paperback.

Anyway, as I have really liked this idea before I want to incorporate this within each published Hope Town short story. In some cases this will be context around how the story was created, and in others there may be sketches or other graphical content, and I hope to use the back of each story to provide overviews/excerpts to other stories within the Hope Town universe. Who knows, if I get any traction from readers then perhaps I can incorporate questions or other appropriate materials from then.

The idea – like the posts on the site – is to provide an insight into my creative process.

For what its worth.

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