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Repurposing Old Ideas

I’m sure someone said that ideas, like energy, cannot be created or destroyed. If not, then please quote me*

Anyway, my point here is that something I wrote about many years ago has popped back in my head and now is scheduled to become the basis for one of the Hope Town short stories.

Yes, I’m still working on those (and we’ll talk more on that subject later).

I’m sure if you spoke to any writer on the subject, they would have many examples of plots, characters and scenes that they had scribbled down in their notebooks but never actually used for that purpose. Often, they stay within the pages and never see the light of day again. But sometimes you love something so much, that despite not being able to realise its full potential as part of an original whole, you instead find another outlet for it. Those times feel good, because you’ve nurtured something and didn’t have to abandon it to the dead ideas vault.

In this particular case, I’m actually repurposing part of a story I wrote many years ago which was part of a series chronically a career in Championship Manager. In writing that tale, I would take the actual events (transfers, matches, goals, sending offs etc) and weave them into something more humourous and strange. It culminated in an episode where we fast forwarded to a dystopian future (are there any other kinds nowadays) which was caused by a football transfer related decision which was the cliffhanger of the previous episode. Think of it as Days of Future Past, but with a football and giant robotic chickens.

Hilarity ensued.

Since Hope Town is intended to visit many a genre, a sci-fi infused future tale sounded like a perfect candidate when the old story popped back into my head. The great thing is that, while I can’t find the original story, I can remember the majority of the plot and it shouldn’t take too much to repurpose it into a tale from a future version of Hope Town.

Now its on the schedule to be written at some point, and I’ll no doubt scribble the notes down over the next few weeks. At that stage, I’ll work out where it should fit on the timeline and schedule the completion at some opportune time. 







* Even though its probably not a logical statement, I’ll take it

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