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Getting out of a Funk

So, while I thought I had a way out of the problem with the Hope Town short story series, it doesn’t look as though I actually do.

Oh, there was solution which technically was viable, but when reviewing it I wasn’t really sure that I liked it. So, I left it for a bit and then came back. After that little hiatus, I still didn’t like it, so I left it again.

This ended up morphing into an extended bout of not doing any writing at all, which is pretty much how my entire so-called writing career has progressed. Rinse, repeat; quite.

In the interim, I did go back to another novel that I had started on with the express purpose of listening to my own advice. However, even that didn’t help as at the back of my mind I really wanted to work this one out.

This all led to another bout of non-writing while I struggled with the problem in my head.

Unfortunately, I’m still not beyond that and find myself getting mired further and further into a creative funk, which is frustrating in so many ways.

What I need to do (other than stop breaking posts into paragraphs at the end of each sentence) is to just get past this and write. To hell with the niggling problem; I can deal with that when I’m ready to finally self publish, and in the meantime does it really affect the actual creation of the short stories?

I mean, there is such a thing as Find and Replace in Word, right?

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