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I think I have a solution…

Following the event that I dubbed Crisis of Infinite Short Stories, I’ve put everything else to one side to try and find a resolution. It probably fed the demon procrastination that is always waiting inside me, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice or when I find that there’s something else fun to do on the internet. However, this is a big deal and I didn’t want to move on too much more with the individual short stories in case the solution that I eventually found would require big rewrites to the work so far.

Luckily I have hit on something that should work.

You might think I sound hesitant, and you’d be right; its not quite all there yet, but its not a million miles away. To get it over the line I’m going to get the camera out, some maps and the like and piece something together. In addition, I’ll need to research some historical events, to see if the initial history lesson could work in the new location.

I know, historical events. Its almost research.

This may all work out for the best because I don’t have to worry about potentially offending anyone who lived in the original location. Now, I can take the new base and build on that to create something which is completely fictional and give me full freedom to tell whatever stories I want. This will be particularly useful, if I do write some past tales at some stage (and there are tentative plans to do so in the pitch I did).

I estimate a good few hours over the weekend and early into next week should crack it. Stay tuned.

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