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To Use Sketches or Not To Use Sketches

I’ve often wanted to use sketches or images to accompany my writing. The reasons for doing this are varied depending on the project.

For example, for the collection of drabble (still entitled 60 Stories Small) I wanted to include a sketch for as many stories as possible because without them and other supplemental matter it would have been a very short book indeed.

With Portmanteau, I wanted to include at least one sketch which portrayed a scene from each story in the vein of chapter breaks/introductions in such books as Famous Five etc. The idea was to add to the overall homage feel of the project and I had at least two outlined as roughs, so they could potentially emerge in the future.

The use of sketches often help me to visualize characters or scenes as I progress through writing projects; while writing isn’t a really visual medium I do like to play out scenes in my head as if I was watching them on the big screen or on the television and sketching helps me to use visual cues to help improve my writing process.

With the current series of short stories, I would like to include a sketch or two to accompany each one, but it most probably will be something I would hold off on for the future. While these are initially going to be ebooks, I am thinking of doing some sort of physical collection in the future if they are popular enough, so having a sketch or two to frame each story could be a nice little extra/insert for a collection. Similarly, these could be in an ebook collection some way down the line.

For now, I’ll use sketches as I progress and post some here or during promotion activities.

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