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The Past Few Weeks in Bullet Points

Reader(s) of this blog will notice that there haven’t been updates for a few weeks. There are numerous reasons for this but I won’t bore you with the details. There has however been some progress with on the Hope Town front so I thought I’d list those here in this catch up post before I start getting into more details around thoughts and process. Yes, there are more of those to come.


  • My pitch received a polite no thanks just before the 6 week deadline came up. I’m okay with that and its not like it held me up
  • First draft of the second story “Ever Vigilant(e)” is complete so I’ll review and edit that some time next week and then again the week after
  • I had a long return train journey a couple of weeks ago and had hoped to challenge myself to write the first draft of one story in that time but didn’t accept my own challenge so it didn’t happen
  • The little historical pre-amble before each story is going to change as I have a plan for it. More later
  • Notes are being taken as I progress with each story around how initial thoughts were fleshed out, or completely ditched/reworked with the purpose of tracking my work ethic and maybe something to include down the line
  • I spend a good half hour coming up with names for crap super villains and it was a lot of fun


Right, that’s the lot for now. I have short stories to write you know

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