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Here I Go Running Off With Another Project … Again

Follower(s) of this blog will know that I have a tendency to go off on a tangent with my projects. Sometime I call it a disease, but on the odd occasion when I feel optimistic I think of it as a talent. In those instances, I imagine myself juggling plates on sticks on some mid tier light entertainment television programme, audience slow hand clap and all.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with writing more than one project at a time per se – indeed, if you manage to spend time writing down things then you’re already battling procrastination, so its all good right? – but when you have a love for a work in progress and want to complete it, other projects are surely just distractions? When you look at my track record with completing projects you would be right to be wary about another one sneaking in.

However, in my defense I would say that this is more looking to adapt an old project into a similar structure as the current one. In this case, the series of books aimed at children which were standalone but could form part of a wider universe, may already have the DNA of the Hope Town series already through it. The tweak would be to convert them into short stories rather than full length books which would actually elongate the series and allow for more dedicated time to more characters.

At the moment, its more of a scribbling of notes as I get to a stage with Hope Town where 50-90% of the first 4 stories have been written.

Call it a palate cleanser.


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