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Finding Just The Right Name

Part of the fun of creating the Hope Town universe is creating the characters. The core 3-4 recurring ones were quite simple in that I knew who they were and they had names right off the bat; when i had an image of the character in my mind the name popped in immediately. That was the easy part.

However, for the episodic antagonists or “guest stars” its a lot more open. I know who they roughly are and am fleshing out characteristics, motivation and whatnot but in the main they all appear under a name of To Be Confirmed.

As Hope Town is inhabited by people from various nations and religious persuasions, I’ve got free reign pretty much to choose the character’s nationality and name. The fun part is when I get to use one to create the other and that involves a little bit of research and quite a few laughs (internal, lest I make people afraid by strange outbursts of hilarity).

For example, two weeks ago, I wanted to choose 5 religions for a specific and pivotal scene in Frame Me Twice, Shame on You. After doing quite a bit of research on different religions that might fit given the subject matter, I came up with a Catholic Priest (old school); a Buddhist; an Egyptian Priest; a Rastafarian and a Tzadik. Now, thats a joke waiting to write itself right there.

Today however, I need to find a name and nationality for an evil genius and the best way (aka most fun way) I can think of to do that is to look for a particular english term associated with the nature of an evil genius and find its translation in another language. Then, once I have an interesting translation that will be the good Doctor’s surname, and the nationality will of course be one that uses that language.

So fun.

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