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The Great Purge is Coming…

When I was working on my last post about my focus on short stories, I took a few pauses and checked out the rest of the site*. As per usual, posting has been very sporadic and some of the objectives I had have changed considerably. So much so, that some are completely irrelevant and may never come to fruition. Some may some day, but for the moment my focus is on building these short stories.

To that end, I’m going to retire some of the posts because while they still would provide an insight into my creative process (or lack thereof) they could detract the casual reader from the meat, so to speak. Oh who am I kidding, it’ll really just distract me from what I should be doing.

I won’t be removing them completely, just archiving away from the front pages and latest projects sections (wait, does that latter one actually exist?). All of the writing will be found somewhere on the site, but this should help streamline and focus the site.


* As an aside, when I was updating a draft of the last post last week I found that all of the posts had disappeared. The relevant database table had crashed and while I was able to recover it, there was a time when I wondered whether it was that huge of a loss. Then I realised that some of fiction I had written may not be backed up elsewhere and that some day I may want to delve back in to see how I progressed with my writing in the past.

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