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Tales From Hope Town

Now I’ve revealed I’m on a short story kick and following the post announcing (well, that sounds formal and fancy now doesn’t it?) my change in direction, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess that the universe/town I’ll be setting these in and around is the one I’ve affectionately named Hope Town. Yes, the location and main character from the novel that I’ve been working on and off (mostly off) for the past few years are finally getting the air they so richly deserve.

I chose the location because the origin concept of having this small Scottish town as a magnet for the strange and weird provides a base for a whole host of exciting stories and possibilities. The antagonist from the novel sat within one particular genre, but the way was open to mine several more via a different medium.

So, within the stories already planned the focus of each tale will shift to include such topics as the occult,  aliens, superheroes, parrallel realities, ghosts and even the mighty Chupacabra (I love that that literally translates to “goat sucker”) and to

The first is called The Devil’s Pâtissier and with any luck should be published electronically by August of this year. I’ve finished the 3rd draft and its all formatted, but I want to make sure a few people give it a once (or twice) over before I hit the big red Publish button.

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