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Scripting a Duel with Groceries

This evening, on the way home from getting some milk and bread for the morning, I felt the weight of the two pint jug of milk that I had bought and wondered whether it could be effective as some sort of weapon. Or perhaps not a weapon but something that could be used at least as a defensive tool when being attacked.

Obviously I’m in no hurry to test the theory, so I started imagining how it could be used to block a thrust from an assailant with a knife, and then how it could be rapidly turned into a means to deliver an offensive blow. As I walked up the hill, my two duelists continued their battle, this time with one of them brandishing a loaf of bread… no, better a french stick.

Now Pontius Smith will need to use his morning shopping to fight off a surprise attack from a Baillie at some later story.

I love this universe.

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