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One Story At A Time

One of the problems I’ve found when working on creating a shared universe for my short stories is that I dip in and out of a number of them from one day to the next. In some cases, I visit 2-3 different stories in one writing session for one reason or another. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t really a problem because I’m continuing to write and any time crafting one of the shorts does show that I’m successfully battling away the demon of procrastination. It also means I’m closer to the goal of having 3-4 stories ready when I finally hit the publish button.

But to get to that stage I need to finish them and by that I mean, complete first drafts; proof; create second drafts; edit/review; create third drafts; have someone review etc. Dipping in and out is extending the time I takes me to finish a single story and really only when they are finished will I be able to get around to publishing them.

So, I’m going to try and set goals to complete each of the stories and then within those timescales schedule pockets where I can veer off and flesh out other stories or continue to document the timeline for the entire series. That latter step is still vitally important because once the first set are complete, I need to be ready to pick up on the next story once I’ve had a good stab at following through on my marketing plans. During those initial days and weeks I don’t plan on writing much due to a shift in focus on getting the work out there and read, which is why the 3-4 story buffer.

This means that right now I need to finish off Ever Vigilant(e) this week, then concentrate on First Contact, Take Two for the following few weeks before moving onto Frame Me Twice, Shame on You. If I’m being honest, I’ll probably bounce around all three for the next month or two whenever I hit a snag or between finishing off a draft and returning to proof/edit the next one.

I’ll try and keep a track on how the schedule works out and report back.

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