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Marketing Musings

One of the aspects of this self publishing journey that I’m not as comfortable with is the marketing side. I know that to get my stories out there I’m going to have to get out and about, letting potential readers know my plans and sample my tales before I can entice them into buying any. While I do use social media to provide updates on progress, the main thing missing is being part of a writing community. Although NaNoWriMo counts to a certain extent, and I have been involved in some discussions on their forums, I need to find somewhere where more people who have either been on the journey or about to undertake it reside. I’m hoping that I can learn from those who have taken the plunge, and perhaps even provide my own thoughts, views and experiences to help others like myself.

If anyone has any good ideas of where to go, it would be much appreciated. I’m currently looking at and and have registered. If you see me there, please say hi.

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