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Drabble Day: Short

“How can the lights have just gone off like that?” Bannen asked.

“It’s a short,” Lea announced, “Problem with the phases I expect.”

Bannen held the lit torch under his chin and shot her a look.

“I know what caused it, its just…”

“I know”, Lea sighed, letting her gaze fall to the floor “the timing sucks. We were so close.”

Bannen aimed the torch down and illuminated the twitching half corpse that used to be their friend Rolph. His body had been split vertically down the middle.

Forty years ago, someone would stumble across the other half and scream.


Drabble Day is a weekly challenge to create a 100 word story using a specific prompt. It is run weekly over at Aheïla‘s website,

The Writeaholic’s Blog

. This week’s prompt is





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