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Excited again

For the past month or so I’ve been working on a few projects, adding bits here to ensure I kept moving forward. There was a little research, some sketch ideas for the HopeTown show and even some writing on a project for a children’s book that I had started last year. Overall nothing major, but enough to keep a focus on the creative process.

Then at the weekend, I new idea popped into my head. When I say new, it wasn’t entirely new in that it was a way to create a character I had wanted to create for a good few years. So, when I was having a shower I thought about how to create such a character and her hook hit me right away, quickly followed by a name which is something that is usually a struggle for me.

Since then, I’ve written the synopsis, created five of the supporting characters and started on the outline and chapter breakdowns. This morning, walking to work, I thought up the climatic scene and its been transcribed.

Yes, I’m excited again and really want to make this one work.

Oh, and it has a title.



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