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60 Days. Part 4

So, four weeks in and the story so far?

Well, mixed at best. I at least know when the 60 days are supposed to end, and so I have my deadline of 10th August. I have also found a nice widget to compile my to-do-list (or as I am want to call it, my doing the do list) and that should be over on the right hand side somewhere. It handily shows the deadline for each task and the progress against it.

On the plus side, I haven’t missed any deadlines as yet. That is because I only put the dates around each item today, so I would be foolish to put one in the past.

You will also see that I’ve set up the project on Createspace and I have my ISBN so it’ll happen. We’ll get into the whole price point discussion in a later post. Probably once I understand it myself.

Now that all the good points have been exhausted, all that remains are the dos that I haven’t done much doing with. At least now I can see that I’ve got to get a move on and get the previously written drabbles re-read (12th of this month) and if I dovetail that with writing up the commentary then I have end of July to have everything ready to upload.

32 days to go. It’s all getting rather exciting


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