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60 Days. Day 5.

Last night I tried to work on the cover again. Its coming along and I know what I want to do, its just making it happen that’s the difficult bit. I want it to be simple, but to catch the eye as well. There are lots of good examples out there of some classic novels and while the content will never attain such heights, I’d like the cover to be something that grabs.

Talk about setting myself up for a fall.

I’ve also been cracking on with writing the commentaries for the stories and I have to say I’m having more fun than I thought I would. The whole point of this piece is to provide some insight into the inspiration or thought process – if any – that went into producing each of these tales. As it stands, some of them are very insightful and some are a little strange in themselves.

As an example, here is my commentary on Together

Love. Is it a fundamental force that holds the universe together?

No of course not. Gravity; that’s a fundamental force. Love is strong though, and romance underpins Love. Without romance, Love is just a word that we use far too often; usually in cards.

Together is all about romance. Honestly, read it again. There are whispers of dedication; breaths wrapping desire; moans of contentment and pleasure. And the word Bliss. You can’t use bliss without there being romance surely?

Yes, there is a different consummation at play than you would normally associate with romance, but is it really all that different? In both cases, you give yourself to someone completely don’t you? Look at romance in the insect world if you don’t agree.

It also strikes me that a lot of these stories where horrors – sorry, romantic gestures – are perpetrated, it’s the female who is doing the do. I don’t know if you can call that progress, can you?

Of course, this also means I’ve updated the doing the do list to the right. Progress, dontcha just love it?

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