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60 Days. Part 3

As is my want, I had a bit of a dabble with the cover over the past day or so. Its coming along, and my plan is to keep it simple. Of course, there needs to be a balance with it being at least a little enticing. It’ll take a bit of time, but I’ve probably done enough for the moment and know that its time now to move onto the meat.

The document is taking shape, and the bonus is that I have found that there are 56 stories rather than 53. Which means I only need to write 4 more to make up the 60. Target for that is end of this week.

As I have been reading through the existing stories I’ve started to write a few notes around the accompanying pieces. That itself is taking an interesting turn as some of the underlying insprirations for the stories go back to my own life experiences, when I dig around a little bit. All of them give me a smile though, so thats good.

The drawing piece will take more time, and while I’ve not really ticked anything off the list at least there’s progress.


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