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60 Days. Part 2

Yesterday’s post was short and hopefully sweet. Expect the same level of brevity as we chug along the bumpy road to the publication of “60 Stories Small”. This isn’t because I’m being snippy or anything like that, more that while I want to document the process and share with you all, I really need to focus on doing the do.

This post then is to list the doing the do items. I’ll reprint on a weekly basis and tick off as we progress.

Doing The Do List

  • Write 7 new stories
  • Re-read all current stories to review/proof
  • Write commentary around a number of the stories
  • Create sketches for a smaller number of the stories
  • Design the cover
  • Create project on Createspace
  • Upload cover
  • Collate and format content
  • Upload content
  • Review/proof project
  • Press button
  • Stand back
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