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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Over the past week or so I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to do more writing and editing. As usual, progress is sporadic but I have managed to write 7 drabbles in just over 2 weeks and last night wrote around 1200 words of the first of my books aimed at children.

As achievements go, probably not the most amazing, but you have to take the little victories don’t you?

In terms of milestones, I did manage to achieve the equivalent of a drabble a week which I set into play in March 8th last year (see: Fighting Procrastination: A Drabble A Week ). Okay, technically it wasn’t one a week for 52 weeks, but with 3 days to go I’ve managed 54 in the time so I’ll take that pat on the back. I’m going to aim to do the same for the next year, so hopefully this time in 2013 I’ll be up to 107 or more.

More on writing progress this week, but the 2012 plan is still to:

  • Self publish Am/Dram, ‘Tec and a drabble collection
  • Continue with the weekly drabbles
  • Guest blog some more
  • Work on the children’s series

That leaves a few projects which are on the sidelines, but depending on how I get on with the others above, I’m sure there will be room for updates on HopeTown and possibly the untitled-novel-I-thought-of-two-weeks-ago

More to come

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