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So, What’ve You Been Up To?

I’ve been away from the site for a while now; going on almost 3 months I think. The last post before the drabble I put up earlier was my final one on completing NaNoWriMo 2011 which is a long time ago. As I did in 2010, once I had completed NaNoWriMo then I took a few weeks away to forget all things writing and chill out, before coming back and getting stuck into editing and future projects. That was my intention this year as well but several things have happened which has meant my time here has been… well, nonexistant.

Nothing horrible happened gentle reader, so don’t fret for me. Its more around changing jobs and having more to do now that we’ve moved back into the house which had been getting so much work done (not to mention my lovely kitchen which I happily spend time cooking in). Those two things coupled with focusing on other writing projects has meant that the site has had little TLC since November.

I did have a post set up for the end of last year to look ahead to 2012 projects but decided against publishing because I wanted to be sure of the targets before I went ahead. I’m still not sure what 2012 will bring but the picture is becoming clearer and so I thought it would be good to get back into posting here.

I did have two pieces on the website in the interim, so stop by and read them if you can. The first is on how to use festive gatherings as prime material for your writing ( and the second is how I’ve found editing to be much harder and daunting that writing in the first place (


My plans for 2012 should see me delving into Self Publishing putting out at least Am/Dram if not ‘Tec as well, together with a collection of the ongoing drabbles I put on the site whic will contain some other text and art pieces as well.

In saying that, I’ve just had a cracking idea for a book which is driving me a little crazy at the moment as its consuming vast quantities of my creative time. Still, its all good and if the inspiration and ideas dried up, I’d be worried.

So, sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy more output from me this year.

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