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NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 4 – A Sprinkling of Emotion

As ‘Tec has been something I’ve had plotted and in various stages of creation for several years, I know pretty much how the story pans out. However, when I decided to ditch the prologue a while back I had to rework the plot to accommodate another Chapter One.

With my NaNo attempt this year, I have turned the scratchings of notes for thatĀ  into an almost complete Chapter which pretty much sticks to my thoughts but adds some familial interaction and, as with NaNo, fleshes things out on the hoof.

Now, without giving too much away of the plot, there was an aspect of that first chapter that I had originally plotted as being left hanging. It was a moment that was throw away really, and all it was to show was that the main character Mark, had always wanted to be a detective.

However, when I was writing it yesterday and had a subsequent think while taking a break for a walk, I thought that if I took it a little further and add one extra element I could have a running theme and add some emotion and perhaps even some extra motivation for Mark through the book. That thought expanded and before long I had scribbled some notes of scenes to use throughout and up to an extra, pivotal chapter.

Writing last night, that chapter was fleshed out and we now have a dinner between Mark and Alice where Mark reveals what happened after the end of that first chapter and the repercussions for him, his friends and his ambitions. I think that the chapter adds a lot to the book and shows Mark in a slightly different light. It also helps to make Alice take a positive step which was going to happen anyway, but later on in the book.

It wasn’t anĀ  easy chapter to write though, and I hope I managed to convey the emotions that first Mark, and then both he and Alice were feeling as the truth about a past incident and its consequences emerged.

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