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NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 3 – First Extract

I was tempted to call this post First Sequence but… y’know.

After a break yesterday I’m now up over 7500 words so feeling good and ready to post the first extract.

Chapter One

Mark King woke up a little after seven in the morning. He felt cold and realised that he had once again knocked all of the covers off of his bed during the night. Dismissing the opportunity to pull them back on, he instead decided to leap to his feet and look to get dressed.

It was a Saturday so he didn’t have to work within the constraints of the school uniform, the components of which were scattered all over the floor of his bedroom. He tiptoed through the piles of clothes and made for his chest of drawers which sat against the far wall, its top covered with a lace tablecloth which itself was almost overflowing with action figures and comic books.

Mark opened his sock drawer and pulled out a pair of white sport socks, before pausing and then picking up the comic that he had noticed. Flipping through his copy of The Avengers he knew he had read it before, but it was a favourite of his so well worth a view again.

Snapping back to reality, he tossed the comic onto the top of the chest of drawers and then proceeded to open all of the other drawers and pull out the clothes he need. He dressed quickly, only pausing once more but this time to swap out one of the odd socks he had pulled out in his haste earlier.

Once dressed, he hopped along through the piles of clothes and leapt onto the bed, landing on his knees. He threw out his arms, grabbed two fists of curtains and pulled them wide apart.

The sudden light that he had exposed and that now filled the room took him by surprise; having blackout blinds meant that early March sunshine was deceptive. He snapped his head to the side and closed his eyes, all of which was accompanied by a sharp but low groan. Spring had welcomed him with open arms and he just wanted to find a pair of sunglasses.

Tomorrow: A discussion an an emotional moment.

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