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NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 29 – Aaaand relax

So, after some furious writing over the past 3 days I hit the end. The novel stands at 50,347 words which just squeaks over the 50,000 word line. I’m pleased and exhausted, but still know there’s a lot more work to do to get this particular one finished.

This year was a lot harder than last year because even though I got up quite a head of steam at the start and raced ahead, I allowed myself too much time without doing any writing so was on the back foot for the past week, making up ground and finally getting over the line with 1 day to go. If I had stuck to the initial pace, I would have gotten over the line much earlier.

I still feel pretty damn good though, and while the first draft of ‘Tec isn’t complete, I’m well on my way to getting it done. My target now is to finish the first draft by the end of the year which, by my reckoning is just under 20,000 words in 32 days.

Should be a snap then.

For those of you participating this year if you’ve made it, brilliant; if you’ve got a ways to go, don’t give up. Its a great feeling and even if you don’t make it, you’ll still have achieved a lot.

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