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NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 26 – A … Wait A Minute!

I haven’t updated progress here for a good two weeks. This is due to a combination of factors which are too traumatic to go into here* but suffice it to say, things happened and not much writing was achieved for at least 7 days. That was when I realised that my head start had whithered away to almost nothing and I needed to get back on the virtual saddle. Unfortunately when I climbed up, I had a bit of a creative nose bleed and had to come back down again.

This lasted a day or so when I didn’t think that I could continue with this year’s effort. I still had the scenes and beats mapped out, but turning them into something coherent or even lucent was difficult.

Then I started to get cross with myself. I had done so much with this project in the previous few weeks and now, after making so much headway, it was going to fall by the wayside.

And then, just when I was convincing myself that this was a lost cause and I didn’t think I would complete the challenge, I suddenly felt I should try.

So, I pulled up the page and started to type.

Then I typed some more, and even more than that. Next thing I knew I had done over 3000 in a couple of hours and realised that I was back on track.

It has been uphill all the way since, and I’m still not caught up but at least I’m within 10,000 words of completing the 50,000. However, to finish the first draft of ‘Tec will still need close to 20,000 words on top of that.

Still, I can worry about that in December.

* Actually no they aren’t but it packs more of a punch if I say that, no?

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