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NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 2 – Real Life Kicks In

I need to have a trawl through last year’s posts to find out which one deals with this subject and when, but I am sure there is a post early on which talks about how life and other priorities leap out and put the brakes on my progress.

Looking through my social calendar – such as it is – last night I realised that I have quite a number of after work activities this week and all are related to school: Beavers, AGM, Parent Consulation, all converging to mean I’ll miss between an hour and three hours a night for three nights this week.

Still, these things happen and they’re all important so I’ll deal.

Besides, I managed more than my daily target yesterday and the weekend is coming up, so its not as if I won’t catch up at some stage.

Tomorrow: An excerpt, unless I have something else to talk about.

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