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The Perils of Returning to a Work In Progress

Last night, the planets aligned and somehow I was able to concentrate and get some good solid writing done. Instead of plotting out my current WIP, I had a quick look through some of the older projects and fixed on one that I had wanted to do back in April which for my usual reasons hadn’t gone that far.

I knew the story, and had a quick review of the chapter breakdowns before kicking back into it. As I tweeted last night, I did my usual and leapt into the final chapter and wrote the Dickens out of it. Well, 1200 words, but still…

It felt good and so I went to bed feeling happy, but obviously unable to sleep as I hadn’t wound down sufficiently and the ideas were rushing about in my head like mad little robots (or, the current de rigueur, Hexbugs). Still, it was progress.

This morning I planned to take some time around lunch to write some more. I remembered that I had a copy of the chapter breakdowns which was easily accessible, so I checked that out.  Then I noticed a file called flyinglast.doc which hadn’t been updated since April this year.

When I opened it, the realisation hit me. I had written a large part of the last chapter already. Oh my. It certainly looked as though I had rewritten a large part of the same chapter, and my sense of elation just been trampled underfoot.

However, when I climbed down from the ceiling, I had a read through what I had written and found that the majority of it was complementary to what I had written last night which is a real bonus. Sure, there were bits that I will have to edit out from the two scenes, but for the most part the chapter now is around 2,000 words.

A good result in the end, but for a few minutes it was touch and go.

Now, I need to make sure I have a single source of all projects that I do.

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